Monday, 9 May 2011

Sheffield Labour Party Welcomes Election Results

Paul Wood [Chair, Sheffield District Labour Party] welcomed the local election results.

Paul Wood described the results as:
“A big step forward for local people.”

Paul Wood said:
“I am pleased by the local election results. People across Sheffield have taken the opportunity to demonstrate who they trust most to take them through the difficult times ahead. I am not at all surprised that the majority have chosen to elect Labour councillors.

Local people know that it is only Labour who will stand up for Sheffield.

Paul Scriven and his LibDem colleagues have shown, time and time again, that they choose to stand up for Nick Clegg and his broken promises rather than the interests of Sheffield and its citizens.”

Paul Wood continued:
“Sheffield remains a Conservative-free zone. Local people have had the opportunity to reflect on the real performance of the Liberal Democrats when they’ve run Sheffield City Council and on the policies of the Conservative-led coalition government. They haven’t been impressed by either.”

Paul Wood concluded:
“Labour councillors now have a difficult time ahead. We all know that the Liberal Democrats passed a City council budget for this year which has front-loaded the use of balances, left the reserves dangerously low, and balanced only by making big cuts in services to take effect after the election. These cuts include £1.4million in library services and 15% cuts in grants to local voluntary organisations.”